Variety of antique brick veneer and natural stone veneer

Brick veneer and stone veneer is a thin layer of brick or stone surface of artificial or natural origin. Unlike real solid stone and bricks, it cannot be used for masonry and load-bearing constructions, but only for wall cladding. Canyon Stone Canada is a reputable supplier of affordable brick and stone veneer.

Both antique brick veneer and natural stone veneer offered by Canyon Stone Canada can be used not only for cladding facades. They can be used for interior accent walls, stone fireplace refacing, kitchen backsplashes, to emphasize doors and windows, openings of arches, etc. Natural stone veneer is an universal option for the interior and exterior of your house, which you can install in almost any room, in the yard and in the garden.

Thanks to the wide variety of styles, textures and colors, natural stone veneer and thin brick veneer provides great opportunities for builders and designers of residential and commercial buildings in terms of design and overall appearance. If you also want an easy and practical solution for stone at home, take a look at Canyon Stone Canadas online portfolio:

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