Thin Brick Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer and Faux Stone Panel

At Stone Selex, everyone strives to provide the customers with the highest quality natural stone veneer, faux stone panel, and thin brick veneer products. These products offer a classic yet modern look that adds character and value to any home or business space. With many years of experience in the industry, the company is one of the most respected suppliers in the country.

The natural stone veneer is cut from real quarried stones for added authenticity and luxe feel to any space. Its lightweight, easy to work with and you can achieve a unique look suitable for both interior and exterior uses. Plus, its tough enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions while still maintaining its original beauty at an affordable price! On top of that, Stone Selex also provides faux stone panel which is completely maintenance free and perfect for any busy household or commercial area. Not only these panels look just like natural rock but they have fire ratings up to A-1 Class 1 Standard test Certification too!

The companys team understands that installing natural stone veneer, faux stone panel, and thin brick veneer requires expertise and thats why they also offer a wide range of masonry accessories specifically designed to supplement your project from start to finish. The helpful professionals will walk you through every step so you dont have to worry about doing it all on your own!

Company/Business name: Stone Selex

Street Address: 4444 Eastgate Parkway, Unit 4, Mississauga

Postal/Zip Code: L4W 4T6

Phone: (905) 672-2887


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