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Phosphatidylserine from Genestra are a vegan-sourced phosphatidylserine (PS) a phospholipid that works to promote cognitive function. In some cases, phospholipids may relieve symptoms related to short-term memory loss or trouble learning, particularly as you age. Like other phospholipids, Phosphatidylserine from Genestra is a component of cell membranes which help transport nutrients to (and remove waste from) cells. As a result, Phosphatidylserine vegetable capsules may assist in cell-to-cell communication, especially within the nervous system and brain. Each capsule offers 100mg of soy lecithin, yielding 50mg of phosphatidylserine that also helps address certain symptoms associated with stress. [CAPSULE]

Company/Business name: National Nutrition

Street Address: National Nutrition 5 Progress Drive Orillia, Ontario L3V 0T7 Canada

Postal/Zip Code: L3V 0T7


Phone: 07053259772


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