Increase the price of your house - stone fireplace refacing

Many market researches in recent years prove that a nice looking fireplace can increase the market value of the house by as much as 5%. However, the fireplace often looks dirty and battered after many years of use. Probably the fastest and cost-effective way to improve its look is stone fireplace refacing with high quality stone veneer at an affordable price from Stone Selex.

The quality of the stone fireplace refacing products offered by Stone Selex ensures long-term and trouble-free use, and their affordable price saves you unnecessary costs. Their easy installation also saves a lot of installation costs, and if you wish you could even install them yourself. Reface brick fireplace takes really short time and is far easier to implement than the demolition of the old fireplace and the construction of an entirely new one.

Company/Business name: Stone Selex

Street Address: 4-4444 Eastgate Parkway

Postal/Zip Code: L4W 4T6


Phone: 905-672-2887


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