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Shishafreak.com - The act of smoking shisha requires the use of hookah charcoal. The tobacco or herbal mixture in the hookah bowl is heated by them, creating the smoke that is then sucked through the water and inhaled. These are the main components of hookah charcoals.Natural charcoal and quick-light charcoal are the two major types of hookah charcoal. Natural charcoals are produced using everyday materials like bamboo or coconut shells, and they need an outside heat source, such as a charcoal burner, to ignite. While matches or lighters take longer to ignite quick-light charcoals, which are covered with a chemical accelerant.The hookah scene in Canada takes pleasure in providing authentic and high-quality shisha experiences. Numerous places make use of high-quality hookah equipment, have educated employees on hand, and guarantee correct preparation and service. Canada's hookah establishments work hard to provide a genuine and entertaining experience, whether you're a seasoned shisha fan or a curious novice.

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Company/Business name: shishafreak

Street Address: 1830 Walkley Rd. Unit Z128

Postal/Zip Code: K1A 0A1

Phone: 613-295-4045

Website: https://www.shishafreak.com/

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