Bee Pollen 100% Naturalx - 200g

Experience the benefits of Bee Pollen from Canadian Natural, simply take 1 teaspoon twice a day! Canadian Naturals Bee Pollen uses pollen collected from bee hives in North America. In order to maximize the quality and quantity of fruits and vegetables, a maximum of only one hive per acre of crops was placed. Hives were placed when blossoms bloomed and removed once the petals drop, before any spraying takes place to affect bees. Bee Pollen is also great for fighting off colds, flus, fatigue and so much more! Bee Pollen from Canadian Natural is a nutritious substance, containing significant amounts of protein, vitamin C, minerals, and essential fatty acids! [GRANULES]

Company/Business name: National Nutrition

Street Address: National Nutrition 5 Progress Drive Orillia, Ontario L3V 0T7 Canada

Postal/Zip Code: L3V 0T7


Phone: 07053259772


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